West Ham manager reveals how he intends to stop 50-goal Erling Haaland

Photo: Getty images

Ahead of the Manchester City vs West Ham clash at the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday night, West Ham manager David Moyes was asked how he intends to stop Manchester City striker Erling Haaland, who has scored 50 goals in all competitions this season.

Moyes responded: “It’s a good question, I don’t think anybody knows the answer to that. I think that is probably the way it is.

“He’s been able to make it hard enough. I think he is the icing on the cake for them, I think they have got so many good players who can create chances and he’s such a good finisher.

“If you get him in those right positions, he is capable of scoring. I think they’ve got a great team and that’s topped off by Haaland.”

Moyes added: “I think anybody coming into the Premier League and doing as well as that is incredible. I think they have got a team that can give this player great opportunities.

“What he is, he’s a terrific finisher, whether it’s with his head, or his feet, running in behind or scoring inside the box. He’s certainly got all the attributes as a really top goalscorer.

“I think he’s actually got a team behind him which quite often make him. I wouldn’t say they make it easy for him, but they try to make it as easy as they can to score for him.”