Gary Neville: Why everything is clicking for Manchester City

When City beat Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium in February, everybody expected Guardiola’s team to run away with the title from there.

However, City drew 1-1 at Nottingham Forest in our next game, handing the initiative back to Arsenal.

“I saw Ilkay Gundogan’s interview over the weekend and it really resonated with me,” Gary Neville told Sky Sports. “He said the Nottingham Forest game woke them up and I get that.

“There’s a game where you go: ‘That’s enough now, enough of that rubbish. Conceding against one of the bottom teams in the league with two minutes to go?’ Well done to Nottingham Forest but that’s not what you do if you’re at the top of the league.

“That was the last game where Pep Guardiola was rotating and fidgeting around with his back four. Instead, it’s got really serious and they’ve had to switch on.

“That resonates with me. Sir Alex Ferguson was a rotator and would trust the squad but then he’d say: ‘Right this is it, we want seriousness and concentration’. And you’d really start to get serious. That’s what they’ve done: Manchester City have gotten serious about their work and Arsenal have wobbled.”