It will be a ‘disgrace’ if Manchester City star wins another Premier League title this season

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has said it will be an ‘absolute disgrace’ if Phil Foden wins the Premier League with Manchester City again this season.

Quizzed about which current players may join him in the Hall of Fame, Ferdinand said on his YouTube channel: “Kevin De Bruyne is the first name everyone is mentioning.

“Arsene Wenger mentioned him last night when he was asked [about current players joining the Hall of Fame] and I agree.

“I think Mohamed Salah will end up in there. Erling Haaland… He can go in there after just one season! Haaland could jump in there right now and be comfortable.

“Who’s a young player I think who will end up in there? Phil Foden.

“Did you know that Foden, potentially at the end of this season, if Man City win the Premier League… he will have five titles.

“He’s 23-years old! It’s a disgrace, an absolute disgrace.”