Jack Grealish names Man City’s best and worst dressed players

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City star Jack Grealish has named Manchester City’s best and worst dressed players.

Here are the questions and the replies from Grealish:

Best trainer?

Phil Foden.

Most laid back trainer?  

Kev. But he’s just like, you know, because of how good he is on a match day. He’s just chilled in training.

Question: Best dressed?

Grealish responds: Kyle Walker.

Question: Worst dressed? 

Grealish responds: Rodri. He’s awful, awful.

Question: Best dancer?

Grealish responds: John Stones.

Question: Worst dancer?

Grealish responds: Me.

Question: Best music?

Grealish responds: Me. Multigenre DJ.

Question: Worst music?

Grealish responds: Rodri.  

Question: Best skills?

Grealish responds: Phil Foden. 

Question: Longest in shower?

Grealish responds: Erling. 

Question: Longest in the gym? 

Grealish responds: Ruben Dias.