‘It’s a good lesson for the future’ – Angry Pep Guardiola tells Man City star after 2-1 victory over Leeds United

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola was angry with Erling Haaland’s decision to let Ilkay Gundogan take a penalty during the 2-1 victory over Leeds United.

City were leading 2-0 at the time and Gundogan missed the penalty, with Leeds United scoring moments later.

Guardiola shared his thoughts on the situation after the game. The Manchester City boss said the following in his post-match interview: “I have a feeling when the game is 1-0, 2-0, the main penalty taker has to take the penalty. 

“But, that is how Haaland is as a person so. He’s top goal scorer and he is always after goals, goals, goals and he he gives it away to to his mate who wants a hat-trick.

“I understand. Getting a hat-trick is important and it’s nice. Ilkay is a really, really good penalty taker too. And, if he scored the goal everything would be happy.

“But, normally [Haaland] is the taker first and the other is the second. Normally they have their routine to take it. But, it’s a good lesson for the future.”