Jack Grealish reveals why he’s playing well for Manchester City this season

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City winger Jack Grealish has admitted he is not the model professional Erling Haaland is but credits his return to form to feeling loved at the Etihad Stadium.

When asked by the Daily Mail for his secret to his good performances, Grealish said: “Everyone is different aren’t they?”

“Look at Erling. He is the best professional I have ever seen.

“His mindset is something you won’t see again. He does everything.

“Recovers. In the gym. Ten hours of treatment a day. Ice baths. Diet. That’s why he is what he is. But I swear I couldn’t be like that.

“We have a great friendship but he will point at me after a game and say: ‘Hey. Don’t you go out tonight partying.’ I just tell him to shut up and go and sit in his ice bath.

“But that’s us. Two different people doing well in our own way.

“I am not as successful as him. He has scored more goals this season than I have in my whole career. But if he did what I occasionally did he would be like: ‘F hell I feel terrible today.’

“I have a release that’s different to this. He is going home and sitting with his family and having a takeaway.

“Sometimes that is my choice too. I love doing that. But sometimes I like to go out and let my hair down.

“I am not gonna sit here and lie and say I don’t go out. What’s the point?

“It’s also pointless telling you I am here at 8am going in the gym and that’s the reason I am playing well. It’s not.

“The reason I am playing well is because I feel fit, confident, good in myself and like I am at home here. But I still love an occasional drink and going out with my friends. That’s just normal.”

When asked about what has changed this season to last year, Grealish replied: “The main thing now is I feel loved. I feel the manager really trusts me.

“At Fulham last weekend I didn’t have my best game. But Pep kept me on, trusting me.

“He was telling me: ‘Jack, get hold of the ball, keep it, win fouls.’ So you go home and feel happy.

“This is what I dreamed of. To play in every game for such an important team at such an important time.”