Why Manchester City is a complete team – Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti

Photo: Getty images

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has hailed Manchester City as a complete team because Pep Guardiola’s side can defend and attack.

He said: “Haaland is a very dangerous player. Not just his goals but he’s a constant threat. It’s a very complete team, they can defend and attack.

“They have a very clear idea how they want to play football. It’s not just about stopping Haaland, it’s about stopping a team who at times have been unstoppable but we will have our chances. It’s going to be a competitive contest.

“They were a very dangerous team last season but Haaland brings something different. They can play more direct if needed. De Bruyne plays in behind Haaland and can bring the ball down.

“The tie will be decided in that return leg. We want to take a good result to Manchester.”