Real Madrid manager reveals how he intends to stop Erling Haaland from scoring against Real Madrid

Photo: Getty images

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti is aware of the threat of Manchester City striker Erling Haaland but insists Real Madrid’s game plan isn’t to stop Haaland but stop the whole Manchester City team.

Ancelotti said: “He’s very dangerous. He’s incredibly impressive when it comes to scoring goals, that’s obvious.

“Talking about Haaland means not just talking about one player, but also about a complete team that attacks and has lots of ideas… Our game plan isn’t just to stop Haaland, but rather to stop a team that seems unstoppable. But I think it’s possible for us. We can win.”

Asked if City have changed their style of play with Haaland in the side, Ancelotti responded: “They’re a more complete team now. Last year they had a very dangerous forward in Gabriel Jesus, but he was very different to Haaland. Now, they can even play a long ball game.

“In many matches that’s given them an advantage. That doesn’t mean they have changed their style. They are well-organised defensively and good in possession.

“Our game plan isn’t to stop a single player. It’s to stop a whole team, especially when they have the ball. Haaland is really important, but focusing only on him would mean forgetting about others.”