‘If you give Madrid the ball they will demolish you. Real Madrid won’t fear Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium’

Photo: Getty images

Speaking about the second-leg clash between Manchester City and Real Madrid at the Etihad Stadium next week, Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand told BT Sport:

“If you give Madrid the ball they will demolish you, City have got the personality and the character. The horror show of last year will be in their minds.

“But Real will not be going there [to the Etihad] with any fear. They will be bouncing into that stadium with swagger. They have the same amount of Champions League titles as all of the English teams added together. They own this competition.

“They know how to navigate every moment in these games because they’re so used to it. You’re playing against so much history. However, this City team you’ve got to hold them up and say they came here and the way they performed in terms of character, taking on the ball, the bravery.”