Everton players told to play hard against Manchester City

Everton manager Sean Dyche has urged his team to play hard and enjoy the moment when they take on Manchester City at Goodison Park on Sunday.

“On the emotional side, the challenge you have got is that you want them to enjoy it. I want to enjoy it. But the most enjoyable thing is getting the whole job done, particularly at this club, this season,” Dyche said.

“I just reminded them of that, as I did when I got here and we beat Arsenal – it’s just another step, albeit an important step.

“The win on Monday was a big step in terms of the importance to our season. It was a big step in gluing it all together – the mentality, the performance and the tactical understanding, as well as the will and demand within the group to play.

“I want them to play hard and to enjoy the moment because these moments are the great thing about football.

“But equally, you have to come down very quickly because the next one is the most important one and we have been trying to do that.”

“It’s not easy, they are a top side performing fantastically well this season in a number of different competitions.

“But they have a busy programme. I know they have got a squad full of good players. Pep Guardiola might change things, rotate things. We can’t look at everything they do. We have to still focus on what we do.

“It is important to remind ourselves of the good players we have got here, of the good group we have got. Like I say, they are a very good side but you have got to find a way of competing and if you do that properly and if you play well then you have a chance to win.”