Pep Guardiola explains why he prefers himself now he’s older

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has said he is able to cope better with the pressure that comes with battling for silverware than when he was younger.

“I prefer me now I’m older,” Guardiola said. “The first years, when I was at Barcelona, it was more difficult for me to handle it. Now I’m a bit better at knowing how to. At the end I learned many times at stages when I have lost – especially in the Champions League – that in the end you will be criticised for one day, two days.

“Then, the next day, you start preparing for next season. And you also realise that nothing much changes whether you win or lose in the end, honestly. Of course in that moment it is important to try and do it, and get it, but still we are here.”