Manchester City star hails Pep Guardiola’s tactical innovations

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City star John Stones has hailed Pep Guardiola’s tactical innovations at Manchester City.

Stones stepping into midfield from right-back is the latest new idea Guardiola has introduced at The Etihad and the England defender reveals it’s not accident the tweaks are usually successful.

“Football is always evolving. The manager has so many good ideas that he tries to get across to us as players and we try to adapt,” Stones said.

“Bernardo has played left-back this season. I am really enjoying myself in my position. Whoever plays in whatever role, we give it our best.

“Over the past few weeks, the more I have played that role, the more comfortably it is personally, knowing what is expected of me.

“There are always slight tweaks in every game and if that comes from system changes, we are all on the same page believing what he (Guardiola) brings to us as a team.

“I knew what was expected of me in that position because of how much we had worked on the training pitch.

“We all change positions and know what is expected of different people in different roles, so when you are asked to do something, you switch into that. It makes it easier in that respect because you have done it on the training pitch.”