Jamie Carragher reveals the key reason why Manchester City and not Arsenal won the Premier League title

Jamie Carragher
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Jamie Carragher believes squad depth was the eventual difference between Manchester City and Arsenal in the Premier League title race.

Manchester City won a third consecutive Premier League title after Arsenal lost 1-0 at Nottingham Forest on Saturday.

“Yes [they need depth], and quality,” Carragher told Sky Sports “When you actually look at Arsenal’s first 11 it’s not a million miles away from Manchester City’s.

“They play a similar sort of style but when they’re bringing players from the bench to change a game, Saka’s played every game and I think he played every game as well last season. So, some of your top players can’t play all the time.

“Kevin de Bruyne doesn’t play every single game for Manchester City and for me, he’s probably been the best player in the Premier League for the last four or five years. The biggest disappointment will be the second half of the season, it’s been a massive drop-off and we can’t deny that.

“Arsenal had 50 points at the halfway stage and you know you’ve got to get over 90 points to win a title right now because of Manchester City. Arsenal could end up with maybe 84 so even though we’re saying they’re unlucky and they’ve done all they can, it’s not a great total if we’re talking about really pushing someone to the line.

“Liverpool got into the mid 90’s and still didn’t win the league, so you’ve got to get there and they were on course halfway through the season. It’s been a massive drop-off and one of the biggest reasons is they just haven’t had the squad depth.

“They’ve got to do that, bring more quality players in, but I’ve got to think how often will Arsenal be in a position where they’re eight points clear with 10 games to go? It was an amazing position they were in and they did blow it – we can’t deny it – they’ve had a great season but I’d be very surprised if they are in that position next season ahead of the quality teams, someone like Manchester City.

“But, they’ve been brilliant and what would the Premier League have been without them this season really? They’ve given us a fight and unfortunately for them, it’s just petered out.”