Pep Guardiola reveals what Manchester City must do to be considered a great team

Pep Guardiola believes the current Manchester City team need to win the Champions League to be considered among the greats in Europe.

Speaking to The Times, Guardiola said, “The team is really good but I’m in agreement with the media and people saying we have to win in Europe to be considered as the same type to those [great] teams.

“Those teams, they’ve won not just once but many times in Europe. The joy [of reaching the Champions League final] is so nice, it’s amazing being here again and again.

“Nothing is going to change that but if we are [to be] considered one of the best teams, we have to win the Champions League. Otherwise, my opinion [of how good City are] is not going to change. But to be in the books, the real books, you have to do that.

“We had four Premier Leagues and [felt] we must fight for another. Why should it stop? Why should we stop after losing the Champions League semi-final [last season] and not try again and again? The best clubs are always starving. They want more and more.”