Arsenal will not win the Premier League until Pep Guardiola quits Manchester City

Arsenal legend Martin Keown can’t see any other team winning the Premier League until Pep Guardiola leaves Manchester City.

When asked if Arsenal can win the title next year, he replied: “Not the way they finished the season, no. 

“I think we need Pep to hang up his boots for anyone to have a real chance of winning this.

“The greatest gift he could give to City is to go to the boardroom and help sort out his successor, then they’d have total dominance forever.

“Pep’s the best in class, I put that question to him on TV, ‘are we not going to win anything until you step aside?’ he said ‘I’m not going to step aside, I really enjoy what I’m doing’. 

“This fella is here for a long time to come and he can choose to do what he wants, and then I think he helps find a succession plan for the next manager.”

On Guardiola’s impact this season, Keown added: “He bought Rico Lewis into the team and he was punching balls through the midfield, let [Ilkay] Gundogan play closer to [Erling] Haaland and it changed the way they played. 

“[Joao] Cancelo, you head off to Bayern Munich because you’re unhappy. He took Lewis out again in big games because he didn’t have the experience. 

“So this manager, he’s spinning all these plates and the decisions that he’s making are brilliant, he always finds the right tactics and that’s what we’re up against.”