Pep Guardiola wants Manchester City’s Financial Fair Play charges settled as soon as possible

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola wants the Financial Fair Play charges on the club settled as soon as possible.

Manchester City have 115 charges from the Premier League dating from 2009 to 2018, all of which have been rejected by the club.

Guardiola said: “What I would like is if the Premier League and judges could make something as soon as possible.

“Then, if we have done something wrong, everybody will know it and, if we are like we believe as a club for many years, [done things] in the right way, then the people will stop talking about it.

“We would love it tomorrow. This afternoon better than tomorrow.

“Hopefully they are not so busy and the judges can see both sides and decide what is the best, because in the end I know fairly what we won we won on the pitch and we don’t have any doubts.

“Let’s go. Don’t wait two years. Why don’t we do it quicker? In 24 hours, sit down with lawyers present. Let’s have it as soon as possible for the benefit of everyone.”