‘Relegation won’t be enough for Man City’ – Liverpool fans cry out

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Some Liverpool fans are saying that relegating Manchester City from the Premier League won’t be enough punishment for financial breaches.

Everton have been handed a 10-point reduction as a result of being found guilty of financial breaches and some Liverpool fans believe Manchester City should be handed a punishment more severe than relegation, as the charges against the Etihad club are much more weighty.

A Liverpool fan, Dave Endrick said : “Relegating them… won’t really punish them at all. It’ll slow them down for a year or two, but that’s it.”

He also insisted that relegation won’t be the ideal punishment for City claiming that the Sky Blues must be stripped off their major titles.

In addition, he suggested that independent auditors should be tasked to look into their operations over the next few years to ensure they can’t make any more FFP breaches.

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