Man City will beat Liverpool if this defender plays – pundit claims

Photo: Getty images

YouTube content creator and pundit Steven Mclnerney says that Manchester City will beat Liverpool if John Stones plays.

Manchester City will host Liverpool in a title race deciding game after the international break on the 25th of November at the Etihad Stadium.

Speaking on the Esteemed Kompany YouTube channel, Mclnerney said: “I’m hoping he [Guardiola] knows he’s going to be [available] and just doesn’t want to give it away. I thought he was going to be out for months, this sounds like it might be a matter of weeks.

“If John Stones plays, my confidence level sky rockets. It’s weird that he has become this pivotal. More than anything he is a connection to last season and that is so important when you have so many new players and you are trying a slightly new style of play.

“We’ve lost too many connections to the previous seasons over recent years. It’s not just the quality of De Bruyne and Stones we are missing. Having the experience and the know-how that they bring, that’s what we’re missing to an extent.

“You can bring someone with their quality into the squad, but they don’t have that Treble- winning experience. That’s what I miss the most about those players.

“Stones being at Liverpool, I have no doubt we win that game if he is playing. I don’t think Pep is going to allow anything close to that level of a game [like against Chelsea]. He is going to go full-on Pep conservative mode, ram it full of midfielders, I think he’s going to do a typical Pep v Liverpool type of thing.”