Bernardo Silva reveals he would do everything possible to make this player snub Man United and join Man City instead

Photo: Getty images

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Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva has revealed he would do everything he can to make Benfica midfielder and Portugal international teammate Joao Neves to join Manchester City over Manchester United.

Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes has recently urged Manchester United to sign Neves but Silva has suggested he would try and convince Neves to join Manchester City instead.

“I am very happy for João and other kids who are appearing in Benfica’s team and also in the national team,” Silva said.

“Joao Neves in the Premier League? I think that players with quality can play in any championship. I see him very focused on his club, which is the most important thing at the moment, a very young player but with a very promising future ahead of him.

“He arrived at the national team, settled in and integrated very well. He’s another one to help, if the coach thinks so, to help us help win the European Championship.

“For City instead of United? If I can, I will pull strings to Joao Neves to go to Man City. I’d like to see João joining City instead of Man United, of course.”