Lawyers reveals the repercussions of Man City avoiding FFP charges

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Two sport lawyers, Dr Gregory loannidis and Dr Dan Plumley have warned that Manchester City escaping FFP punishments will cause an unrest in the football world.

Man City are yet to be penalised for 115 financial fair play charges while Everton have been handed a 10-point reduction after being found guilty of breaching financial fair play and sustainability rules taking them to 19th position on the Premier League table.

According to The Times, Manchester City and Chelsea are among the clubs that could be threatened with 30-point deduction or automatic relegation should charges be proved in an independent regulatory Commission.

Writing in the International Sports Law Review via The Manchester Evening News, Dr Gregory loannidis and Dr Dan Plumley declared that if City is found guilty of the alleged offences, it could cause huge unrest among Europe’s top clubs to the point of mutiny.

“There are different dynamics present that control the decision-making of all stakeholders. Whatever the result of the present dispute.

“The financial prowess of football clubs such as Manchester City.”

However, With the expert lawyers taking away the inefficiency and complexity of the regulations (contra preference Comes to mind). Can only demonstrate how weak such regulations are in their application.

“It would not be good enough for the Premier League to argue that Manchester City failed to co-operate with the Premier League’s investigation,” they write.

“The Premier League would have to go beyond this, by proving that Manchester City.”