John Stones reveals what loss to Aston Villa would do to Manchester City

Photo: Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Manchester City defender John Stones has said that the City players are determined to recover from the 1-0 defeat recorded against Aston Villa on Wednesday night.

Manchester City have now recorded our third Premier League defeat of the season following a deflected second-half strike from Leon Bailey to secure all three points for Aston Villa.

Stones has revealed that City will definitely put things back in order from subsequent games beginning with Sunday’s meeting with Luton Town.

Speaking after the game, He said: “We have to use the hurt and the pain that is within us, our stomachs, our brains, wherever it might be, as motivation and fuel to put things right. I think everyone has that desire.

“We’ve been in these positions in previous seasons. I don’t think we or everyone should be hyping about what is going to happen.

“I think we have to stay calm as a team, which I think we will do tomorrow once we’ve analysed it and settled down emotionally.

“We win and lose together. I think we all could have done better tonight. I believe in us as individuals and as a team. We’ve got a great opportunity with a game coming up so oon on the weekend to put things right and to get back to winning ways.

“We need to not forget this feeling, but not dwell on it either. We have to use this pain after all the success we’ve had, I think it can work in our favour and make us even better as a team.”