Guardiola hits back at pundits

Photo: Getty images

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Follow Man City’s 3-3 draw against Tottenham, pundits Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher accused Manchester City of complacency as City currently sit in the fourth position on the league table.

However, Guardiola who earlier was adamant that his side would win a record fourth title in a row, angrily hit back at any suggestion his team were becoming complacent.

He said: “Gary Neville knows how difficult it is otherwise he would’ve won four Premier Leagues in the best period of Manchester United, the manager said ahead of Wednesday night’s crucial clash at Aston Villa.

“But he didn’t do it. Maybe they accuse us of complacency because they felt complacency [at United). Maybe they felt it. This team so far, no chance.

“Jamie Carragher didn’t win one [title). Micah Richards didn’t win four Premier Leagues in a row. Never, ever. It’s never happened.

“l don’t have anything to say about the pundits, honestly. It’s not about that [complacency]. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think it’s about complacency.

“When you drop points, people say, “OK you  drop points, against Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham – what a disaster”.

” It’s Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham – what do people expect? That we get 120 points and be 20 points in front?

“Many times I have listened over seven years. If we don’t win it’s complacency. If we lose semi-finals, we don’t have character.’ I know the players,

“I know how they run. How we behave is extraordinary. I have a feeling that if we maintain that level, we’ll win the Premier League. We will win it again.”