Guardiola: They want us to fail

Photo: Michael Regan/Getty Images

Pep Guardiola has claimed that the expectations put on Manchester City is so much more than other rival clubs.

City have dropped points in the last four games, which saw the club come down to 4th on the table.

The club has been criticised massively since the defeat to Aston Villa, and Pep Guardiola doesn’t think it’s right.

Addressing his side’s drop in form ahead of the game against Luton, Guardiola told reporters: “What they demand of us, they didn’t demand of our friends — at all.

“There is only one team that is going to ‘fail’ to win the Premier League, that is us. For the rest, (winning) it is a big success. Any team.

“In the end, if they don’t win — Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, everyone — it is normal because City should win. It is unfair. It is difficult to handle that every week, every three days, for years and years.”