Pep Guardiola reveals one good that bad results can do for City

Photo: Marc Atkins/Getty Images

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has said Manchester City’s recent record of poor results can be a source of motivation for the team to claim the Premier League title for the fourth consecutive time.

The last season’s defending Champions dropped to fourth place on the Premier League table after a disappointing 1-0 defeat at Villa Park, and Guardiola believes that the experience would be daring his team to return back to form.

Speaking ahead of Sunday’s game, the Spanish boss said: “It’s a good challenge for the players to say: Oh my god, Villa were so much better.

“Aston Villa were better, all the organisation said we could be out of the Champions League this season, we have to work hard.

“After the last few years we need it and then we can come out of here, otherwise nothing will change.

“We’re in December, not even finished the first leg, a lot of games to play, Champions League, [in the] FA Cup we play Huddersfield, there are many exciting things ahead of us that we have to embrace.

“With that in mind say: ‘okay let’s work: The club needs it. We need a shake, bad results can help that.”