Mourinho predicts who will win the title

Photo: Getty images

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Jose Mourinho has revealed the Premier League team he thinks will win the title this season.

Arsenal are currently on top of the table with just one point separating them from second and third-placed Liverpool and Aston Villa, respectively.

Surprisingly, Mourinho has gone for fourth-placed Manchester City as his favourites to win the title.

Mourinho thinks the Gunners will not be winning the league, and instead, is backing either of fourth-placed Manchester City or Liverpool to finish on top of the standings at the end of the season.

“Man City 51 [per cent]. Liverpool 49 [per cent],” Mourinho said, when asked to deliver his verdict on the title race on the Obi One podcast.

A shocked Chris McHardy, who is a co-host on the podcast then asked, “No Arsenal?”, and Mourinho responded: “Nah.”

The former Chelsea boss later added: “Honestly, rivalry apart, I would like them to win.

“Of course, Chelsea and Man United are not going to win it. Out of these three, I would be happy for Arsenal to do it. I would be really happy for them to break that thing.

Chelsea and Arsenal have had football rivalry that dates back many decades, but it was particularly insane under Mourinho, and it’s interesting to see that the AS Roma boss hasn’t forgotten how to take a dig at the Red side of London.