My wife is responsible for this – Pep Guardiola

Photo: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Man City boss Pep Guardiola has heaped praises on his wife Cristina Serra for her awesome job on his matchday looks.

The City manager, known for branded jumpers, and the iconic ‘hoodigan, trusts his spouse to Curate his fashion game.

Speaking to Men In Blazers, Guardiola heaped praise on his wife when crediting her for his looks.

Guardiola said: “My wife is the best in the world at many things, but especially in fashion. So she says normally to me, don’t wear this or wear that, so I follow her. I am smart enough to know that when people are much much better than me, follow their advices, and hers is really good.”

Despite being together for 35 years, Guardiola and Sierra didn’t get married until May 2014. They had a quiet ceremony in Catalonia, joined by their three children and both sets of parents.