Jealous Liverpool fans call for Man City punishment after Nottingham Forest and Everton face financial breach charges

Manchester City Burnley
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According to David Ornstein Everton and Nottingham Forest are set to face points reduction as a result of being charged with the Premier League profitability and sustainability rules,  despite Everton’s initial 10-point reduction earlier this season.

Nottingham Forest have now joined the company of clubs found guilty of financial breaches by the Premier League body.

However, the last season Treble winners are yet to face any punishment and are unlikely to get any this season – with the trial for their breaches to be held after this season.

This has got the tongues of Liverpool fans fuming, as Man City seem to be  getting away with it despite the alleged 115 financial breach charges.

See some reactions of Liverpool fans on Reddit.

Kitterskills: “Seriously where’s the ruling for City?”

Lfclockers7 “Feels like a new financial ruling issue with different clubs every season, could be interesting times ahead (looking at you, city)”

Secret-ninja2: “What will happen first Joe Gomez to score or city to face the charges?”

Tanbirj: “Shity will be fine, unfortunately. They’ve got the best lawyers for the early years. They’ve not had to spend that much in the last few years. Don’t forget that they’ve got that huge sponsorship deal with that really well- known airline that is not at all related to their owners.”

Dan-Sherbert3097: “Everton better 1 up on their statement this time and bring City down with them.”