Spurs boss warns his players of this Man City trap

Photo: PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images

Belgian maestro Kevin De Bruyne could make his first start since August in the FA Cup clash against Tottenham on Friday night.

De Bruyne was the talk of football following his performance against Newcastle. The 32-year-old came on as a substitute to help City win the game, with a top goal and a world-class assist.

However, Spurs boss Ange Postecoglou has said it would be a trap to focus on De Bruyne.

“He’s an outstanding footballer, one of those guys you just love to watch – apart from if you’re playing against him,” he said to The Standard.

“If you fall into the trap of thinking that’s the key to stopping this Manchester City team, that’s where you trip up. They’ve got quality all over the place where they can hurt you.

“Fair to say in my coaching journey, whenever I’ve got into the big tournaments, I’ve gone in as the underdog and I’ve always felt the only chance we’ve got is doing things collectively. If we start to individualise things, we’ve got no chance.

“That’s the beauty of football. Ultimately, it’s not one against one, it’s 11 against 11. If you can maintain that through the course of a game and minimise the influence of individuals as a collective, you have a better chance of success.

“If we try to stop Kevin and ignore Phil Foden or Bernardo [Silva] or – oh don’t make me name them, I’ll go through the whole team – we’ll fall into a trap.”