Pep Guardiola addresses his future as Manchester City manager

Photo: Getty images

The football world experienced a significant development when Jurgen Klopp, the long-serving manager of Liverpool, announced his intention to leave Liverpool at the end of the current season.

Klopp pointed to waning energy levels as a key reason for his departure, a decision he had been contemplating since November.

Klopp’s arrival in the Premier League occurred nearly a year before Pep Guardiola took the helm at Manchester City. Their tenure has been marked by an intense and highly regarded rivalry in English football. This rivalry has been a defining aspect of their respective periods in charge, bringing a new level of excitement and competition to the league.

Amidst this backdrop, Guardiola’s own future with Manchester City has become a topic of speculation. His contract situation, described as precarious in recent times, has fueled discussions about his continued leadership at Manchester City.

Asked whether he would follow Klopp’s lead and leave Manchester City at the end of the season, Guardiola said: “I’m fine.

“I want to do it still for one more year, and maybe extend. I’m fine. I still try to manage. We can’t do more than last season but what is important is one step at a time.”