I tried to escape – Top Man City star reveals how he almost left the club due to personal issues

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City defender Kyle Walker has revealed how he tried to avoid his personal life issues in 2023 by almost joining Bundesliga side Bayern Munich.

In a conversation with The Sun, the England international narrated his ordeal.

He said: “I tried to escape. Did I want to leave City? No, of course | didn’t. We’re the best team in the world at the minute. But it was a chance to get away from England and the media I was going to get.

“I was aware the clock was ticking. I came very close to moving. We were having conversations. I Was going to a great club, a massive club. But in the end I couldn’t go. If I’m in Germany and this happens, Annie leaves and I’m now in Germany on my own.

“My kids wouldn’t be around the corner where I can see them. There’s pain and emotion at the moment but I can go to the house, take the kids to school, and my little lad to football.”