Kyle Walker hails one manager who helped him during his ‘cheating’ scandal

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City defender Kyle Walker has been under a lot of heat lately after separating  from his wife Annie Kilner, following cheating accusations and even having children with UK TV personality Lauryn Goodman.

During this period of difficult times, the Englishman had help from some managers which he has chosen to disclose.

Walker said: “He (Guardiola] didn’t now what was happening. I didn’t want to tell him because I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t mentally there. I can’t thank him enough for the understanding and belief he’s shown in me through four years.”

The Man City captain also revealed that his national team boss Gareth Southgate sent him an encouraging message during his hard times adding: “For your national team manager to reach out in a time of need goes beyond football.”