Pep Guardiola blamed for the sacking of Pochettino

Former Liverpool and Manchester City striker Robbie Fowler blames Pep Guardiola for Mauricio Pochettino’s sacking at Chelsea.

Fowler argues that Guardiola’s success at Manchester City has set such high standards that other clubs, like Chelsea, are making impulsive decisions to sack managers in an attempt to keep up.

Despite Pochettino’s recent success with five straight wins, Chelsea parted ways with him, influenced by the pressure to match City’s dominance, Robbie Fowler has said.

Speaking to The Mirror, the former Liverpool striker said: “Apologies to Manchester City fans who think everyone has got it in for their club at the moment, but I blame Chelsea’s decision to sack Mauricio Pochettino on Pep Guardiola.

“Pep himself might raise an eyebrow at that given his team of champions drew home and away against the London club this season. But the bottom line is that I believe the presence of the Catalan is provoking clubs into making knee-jerk decisions as their determination to close the gap on City descends into desperation.”

He added: “My theory is that owners, chairman and board members are now reaching for the panic button more quickly than they used to.‌

“Chelsea and Liverpool will both have new managers next season – and perhaps, too, Manchester United. The Pep Factor will once again come into sharp focus.

“When a club has raised the standard to a level where breaking the 90-point barrier is the minimum requirement to mount a title challenge, then three defeats on the bounce became a major crisis. If an owner sees their team quickly becoming a fading dot in City’s rear-view mirror then the temptation to make a change is obvious.‌

“Unfortunately, more and more of them are unable to resist the impulse to sack the manager and give someone else a go. Chelsea owner Todd Boehly obviously felt that after lavishing more than £1billion in the transfer market, he deserved more bang for his buck.”

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