Everton fans set to make protest ahead of Man City’s Premier League weekend game against Liverpool

Everton fans have confirmed their intention to fly a protest banner over the Etihad Stadium on Saturday ahead of Manchester City’s Premier League clash with Liverpool.

The Merseyside club last week had received an immediate 10-point deduction after being found guilty of breaching the Premier League’s financial rules after an independent commission found Everton’s losses to 2021/22 amounted to £124.5 million.

The punishment is said to be harsh on Everton, which has dropped them down to 19th position in the league table, with the club vowing that they would appeal.

However, Manchester City are at the centre of uncertainty regarding alleged Premier League rule breaches, after it was announced in February that the reigning Champions had been charged with over 100 breaches of its financial rules and are yet to face any punishment.

Everton fans are prepared to make a statement during Liverpool’s visit to Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday lunchtime with a banner protest.

In a statement provided by Everton supporters on X,  it has been confirmed that there would be a protest against the punishments placed on the Goodison Park club by the Premier League ahead of Manchester City’s game this weekend.

The statement reads: “We have had a lot of requests asking for a plane to be flown over Goodison Park on Sunday, with a message to the Premier League. Due to our kick off time, it will be dark.

“So instead a plane will fly over the Etihad Stadium on Saturday for Manchester City vs Liverpool which will be watched by millions around the world. Once the banner is made from the company we can release a picture of this.”